The connection to architecture and design was a deep rooted secret I didn’t know I was keeping. Adopted at two weeks old, I was fortunate to be raised by two very loving and supportive parents. I attribute their love and support to why I was never compelled to seek my birth parents. 

A few months before turning 35, I was devastated by the loss of my father. Several weeks later I discovered that my birth mother was wanting to make contact. Reluctantly, I accepted the gesture and we began communicating. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned from our correspondence, but what surprised me most was hearing that my birth father had worked as an architect. This new revelation shed light on the longstanding, deep connection I felt for architecture and design. I had seriously considered studying architecture in college, but I never followed through. 

As the years unfolded and the communication with my birth mother ceased, I found myself standing at the corner of creative and confused. I had been working as a writer for many years, but the work was no longer the driving force in my life. So there I stood, a 50 year old, burnt-out writer, who was a self-taught photographer and with a storybook connection to architecture. The thought of reinventing myself was terrifying. So, I turned to my wife and our daughter for guidance, and with their love and their support, I finally made the tough decision to accept and embrace the next chapter in my life. 

My name is Craig Keene and I am a Kansas City based photographer. I specialize in architecture, interiors, and design, and I collaborate with professionals from those respected fields.

Thank you for your interest.

“The Window Washer” // Kansas City, MO 
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